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You can make a complaint about a canopy, awning, marquee or storm enclosure.

You can report an illegal storefront awning, marquee, canopy, or storm enclosure that does not follow code regulations. This includes awnings, marquees, and canopies with lights that shine too brightly into a residential building and storm enclosures. 

    Violations are issued when appropriate.

    What You Need

    You cannot make light complaints anonymously. You must provide a phone number, specific address, the apartment number that's affected, and access for the inspector to investigate.

    Include in your report, if possible:

    • The type (awning, canopy, marquee, or storm enclosure)
    • Its size
    • The material it's made of

    Storm Enclosure

    Storm enclosures are temporary vestibules that are placed outside of businesses, typically restaurants. They are allowed from November 15 through April 15.

    You can report storm enclosures that:

    • Do not have a permit
    • Are more than 18 inches beyond the street line
    • Are not removed after April 15


    A marquee is a permanent roofed structure, attached to and supported by a building, that projects into the public right-of-way. It is most commonly a structure placed over the entrance to a hotel or theater. It shows information, such as the name of the establishment or the play or movie appearing in a theater. The marquee is often identifiable by flashing yellow or white light bulbs.


    An awning is a freestanding cover located over the sidewalk that is attached to a building and is under the jurisdiction of the NYC Department of Buildings.

    You can report a problem with a canopy hanging over a sidewalk. A canopy is a building entrance cover held up by poles embedded in the sidewalk.

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