You can report a problem with a dumpster.

Construction Dumpster

You can report a large dumpster containing construction debris that is blocking a City sidewalk or street.

Report a dumpster with construction debris blocking a:

Other Dumpsters

Dumpsters can only be placed on the sidewalk at specific times.

  • Residential properties may place trash containers out starting at 6 PM the evening before the collection day.
  • Commercial properties may place trash containers out for collection 1 hour before an establishment closes.

You can report dumpsters chronically blocking the sidewalk or street. Your report should describe the contents of the dumpster.

You can report dumpsters that are overflowing with trash or debris.

Small dumpsters used for trash by restaurants and stores must always be covered with securely fitting covers or lids.

Large dumpsters used for construction, demolition, or household trash don't need to be covered.

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