The Department of Buildings (DOB) regulates the building and installation of fences.

Permanent or Non Temporary Fences

Permanent or non temporary fences may require a permit. For one- and two-family dwellings, DOB does not require permits for fences 6-feet or less in height, and homeowners may install their own fencing.

In residential locations, fences are not required between properties. The maximum height of fences in the front, rear, or side yards depends on the property's zoning regulations. In lower density districts (R1 through R5), fences can be a maximum of 4 feet high. Fences built before April 30, 2008, can be 6 feet high.

For other property types or fence heights, you must submit a Plan/Work Approval Application using DOB form PW1.

Temporary or Construction site Fences

Temporary or construction site fences must be permitted in DOB NOW.

How to Apply


To apply for a permit, you can electronically file through DOB NOW.

An eFiling account is required to submit filings in DOB NOW.

Register with eFiling.

File a job through DOB NOW.

In Person

You can download the PW1 Plan/Work Approval Application form online, and submit it to the DOB Borough office where the work is being done.

Download PW1 Application form.

Find a DOB Borough Office.

Learn More

Learn more about fences.

To learn about a property's Zoning Regulations, use City Planning and Zoning page.

Starting on June 3, 2024, all existing and new DOB NOW users are required to have an NYC.ID account.

  • Users will complete a one-time process of creating an NYC.ID account
  • An NYC.ID account is required to access DOB NOW:
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See NYC.ID announcement.

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