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The Department of Buildings (DOB) requires a permit for most electrical work, including the handling of wiring in a residential home or business. In addition, electrical installations must be performed by electrical contractors who are licensed by the DOB.

Electrical wiring installation jobs must be filed online using DOB NOW: Build.

Learn more about work that requires an Electrical Permit.

File a job through DOB NOW.

Get help with Department of Buildings Self-Service Tools.

Starting on June 3, 2024, all existing and new DOB NOW users are required to have an NYC.ID account.

  • Users will complete a one-time process of creating an NYC.ID account
  • An NYC.ID account is required to access DOB NOW:
    • Build
    • Safety
    • BIS Options
    • Licensing
  • DOB NOW: Inspections and eFiling account registration is not changing and will not require an NYC.ID account

See NYC.ID announcement.

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