The CUNY Start program enrolls prospective CUNY students who have been accepted to college because they have a high school or high school equivalency diploma (GED) but are not ready for college-level work based on their scores on the CUNY Assessment Tests. 

After completing the CUNY Start program, you will begin your CUNY college courses the following semester. As a result of college transition, you are likely to reduce the time you spend in college remedial courses and make a stronger transition to college credit courses. You will start credit courses better prepared to succeed and graduate.

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College-bound high school and GED graduates who have been admitted to CUNY and taken the CUNY Assessment Tests (but have not yet registered for classes) are eligible for this program.

Students are eligible for the full-time program if their CUNY tests indicated a need for remediation in both math and writing. The part-time program is for students who show a need for remediation in either math or writing.

If you have been admitted to CUNY but not yet registered for courses in the Fall, ask your college advisor about CUNY Start or contact CUNY Start directly.

Full-Time Program

The full-time day program is 25 hours a week, Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 3 PM.

To enroll, contact: 

Part-Time Program

The part-time program is 12 hours per week in the afternoon or evening.

To enroll, contact:

CUNY Start costs $75, which includes books.

This low-cost program enables students to use their financial aid for college credit courses toward a degree instead of for remedial courses.

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