You need a Place of Assembly Certificate of Operation and Permit when 75 or more people are indoors or 200 or more are outdoors.

How to Apply

To obtain a Place of Assembly Certificate of Operation, you must submit an application through DOB NOW: Build. Approved Place of Assembly Certificates of Operation will be printed through the system.

Learn more about getting a Place of Assembly Certificate of Operation.

If you already have a DOB eFiling account, you can log into DOB NOW.

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What Happens Next

DOB performs an inspection when you are first issued a Place of Assembly Certificate of Operation. This Certificate does not expire. Before the end of the first year after the Certificate is issued, the Fire Department must perform an inspection.

To learn more or request a Place of Assembly inspection, go to the Place of Assembly Inspection page.

If your property passes inspection, the Fire Department will provide you with a Place of Assembly Permit. The Fire Department must inspect your establishment and renew the Place of Assembly Permit each year.

Get Help

You can get additional assistance with the Place of Assmbly application and process by phone.

Call 311 or 212-NEW-YORK (212-639-9675) for help.

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