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You can get guidelines for discarding wood from private property, such as lumber or tree debris.

The process for wood disposal depends on where you live.

Wood other than Branches and Limbs

If you do small repair work in your own one or two-family home and do not hire anyone to help, you should schedule a bulk pick-up appointment. If you are discarding several large items, you should put out a few at a time. To schedule a bulk pick-up appointment, go to the Bulk Item Disposal page.

For lumber and wood debris disposal, you must securely tie the items in bales no more than two feet high and four feet long. You must also remove any nails and use twine or rope to tie up the bundles. Do not use nylon line, tape, or other binding material.

Work on income properties (on three family homes and larger), fee for service, contractor material, and debris from major renovations must be serviced by hiring a private carter or dumpster.

If you live in Manhattan, the Bronx, or Staten Island, you can throw out residential wood debris with your regular garbage. Items may include tree branches or limbs.

You must follow these guidelines:

  • Securely tie the wood in bales no more than two feet high and four feet long.
  • Remove any nails from the wood.
  • Use twine or rope to tie up the bundles of wood. Do not use nylon line, tape, or other binding material.

No Sanitation Collection in Brooklyn and Queens

Due to a State and Federal quarantine, the Department of Sanitation cannot collect organic wood (tree branches, limbs, and firewood) in Brooklyn and Queens.

The quarantine is in place to slow the spread of the Asian Longhorn Beetle.

Residents in these areas must schedule a wood disposal appointment with the Department of Parks and Recreation for organic wood collection.

If you live in Brooklyn or Queens, you must schedule an appointment for on-site chipping, disposal, and collection of firewood or any wood from a shrub or tree growing on residential property. 

You can put out wood branches for collection that are 1/2 inch thick or more. This includes wood debris that may have been dumped onto private property.

You must follow these guidelines:

  • Place wood on the curb between 6 PM and midnight on the night before your scheduled appointment.
  • All wood debris must be free of nails, cement, and any other non-wood material.
  • Debris must be bundled in bunches no larger than 3 by 4 feet.
  • Use twine or rope to tie up the bundles. Do not use nylon line, tape, or other binding material.
  • No single piece of debris can be greater than 4 feet long or 10 inches wide.
  • Do not put out more than 30 bundles per appointment.

The Department of Parks and Recreation's wood debris program is designed for garden waste from homes. It is not for wood that has been generated from commercial entities. If a commercial property used a private contractor, the contractor is obligated to take care of the related wood removal.

What Gets Bundled and Chipped

The following wood material from trees and shrubs can be chipped:

  • Firewood
  • Living, dead, cut, or fallen branches one half inch thick or larger
  • Logs, stumps, roots, or any other material one half inch thick or larger

Schedule an Appointment

Status of Pickup Appointment

In order to check the status of a wood disposal appointment, you must have your transaction number and provide the daytime phone number given when the appointment was made.

Cancellation of Pickup Appointment

In order to cancel a wood disposal appointment, you must contact the appropriate borough forestry office.

Call 311 for assistance by phone.

Missed Pickup Appointments

Missed By City

If the City missed your scheduled appointment, leave the bundle curbside. Crews usually come the day after a missed appointment.

Be sure to keep a copy of your initially scheduled appointment.

Missed By Customer

If you missed a pickup appointment, you must schedule a new appointment in order to avoid getting a violation.

If the bundle is curbside, you should bring it back inside until you have scheduled the new pickup date.