You can report that your trash, recycling, compost, or bulk items were not picked up starting at 8 AM the day after your service day or scheduled appointment.

You can’t report missed collection if:

  • Collections were suspended on that day due to a City holiday, winter snowstorm operation, or another event
  • You didn’t follow trash, recycling, compost collection, or bulk disposal rules
  • You put your items out on the wrong day
  • Your items weren’t placed curbside between 4 PM and midnight the day before

If you placed your items out correctly, but they have not been collected, please leave them on the curb until they are picked up.

The Department of Sanitation (DSNY) will collect your items within 5 days after receiving your report.

Large Non-Recyclable Bulky Trash

DSNY won’t pick up non-recyclable bulk items larger than 4 feet by 3 feet without an appointment.

If you put large bulky items out for disposal without scheduling an appointment the evening before your collection day, you can leave them curbside and schedule an appointment.

If you made an appointment but your items weren’t picked up, you can report a missed collection starting at 8 AM the day after your scheduled appointment. You must have the Service Request number you received after you made your bulk appointment. If you don’t, you need to schedule another appointment instead of making a missed collection complaint.

Small Bulky Trash or Bulky Recycling

Bulky recycling and non-recyclable bulk items 4 feet by 3 feet or smaller can be put out according to your normal trash schedule; no appointments are necessary.

If DSNY didn’t pick up your items and you followed bulk item disposal rules, you can make a complaint starting at 8 AM the day after your service day.

If you receive Curbside Composting, you can report missed collection starting at 8 AM the day after your service day.

In general, there is no collection on sanitation holidays, but that is subject to change. You can check back near the date of the holiday to confirm the collection schedule.

  • If a holiday occurs on your trash or compost collection day, put your items out after 4 PM that day for collection beginning the next day.
  • If a holiday occurs on your recycling collection day, put your items out after 4 PM the day before your next scheduled recycling collection day.

2021 Sanitation Holidays

January 1 (Friday)New Year's Day
January 18 (Monday)Martin Luther King Jr. Day
February 12 (Friday)Lincoln's Birthday
February 15 (Monday)Presidents' Day
May 31 (Monday)Memorial Day
July 5 (Monday)Independence Day (Observed)
September 6 (Monday)Labor Day
October 11 (Monday)Italian Heritage Day/Indigenous Peoples' Day
November 2 (Tuesday)Election Day
November 11 (Thursday)Veterans Day
November 25 (Thursday)Thanksgiving
December 24 (Friday)Christmas (Observed)
December 31 (Friday)New Year's Day (Observed)

City Property

You can make a complaint about uncollected trash in front of City-owned property that normally receives pick-up from a City garbage truck.

Only a building official at the site may make a complaint. The official must provide a name and contact number.

Public Schools

Missed collections can only be reported by school officials.

To report a missed collection, or for information on school schedules, you must contact the DOE Division of School Facilities in Long Island City. Contact information for School Facilities is available through the school.

If you put items out the evening before a non-collection day, you could be given a ticket or Notice of Violation.

DSNY ticketing agents know when an area has a trash and recycling collection backlog. A reported backlog reduces the chance that you will get a ticket when your items were put curbside during the correct timeframe but haven’t been picked up yet. You still may get a violation.

If you receive a ticket after reporting a missed trash or recycling collection, get a copy of the Service Request you filed. You should also submit evidence for an Environmental Board hearing.

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