You can get information and assistance with:

  • Annual boiler inspections
  • Requesting an inspection of a recently installed or replaced boiler
  • Lifting a Cease Use order from the Boiler Division

The Department of Buildings (DOB) requires an annual boiler inspection report before the end of each calendar year for boilers located in:

  • Residential buildings with 6 or more units
  • Residential buildings classified as Single Room Occupancy (SRO)
  • Commercial or mixed-use buildings

Domestic hot water heaters with more than 350,000 BTUs also require annual inspections.

Annual boiler inspection reports are submitted by a licensed professional online in the DOB NOW: Safety portal.

Submit compliance filings, register for DOB NOW: Safety, or get additional information.

A licensed professional can request an inspection for a recently installed or replaced boiler under an active DOB permit online in the DOB NOW: Inspections portal.

Submit inspection requests, register for DOB NOW: Inspections, or get additional information.

You can request a re-inspection to lift a Cease Use order from the Boiler Division by calling the Boilers Technical Unit.

  • Agency: Department of Buildings
  • Division: Boiler Technical Unit
  • Phone Number: (212) 393-2784
  • Business Hours: Mon - Fri: 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM