Possession of handguns, rifles, or shotguns in New York City requires a license or a permit issued by the NYPD License Division.

The City issues licenses to own a handgun and permits for rifles and shotguns. You can apply online or in person. You must be 21 years of age. Processing time varies depending on location.


Learn more about firearm permits and licenses.

Renew or apply for a firearm license or permit.

In Person

All in-person visits must be requested in advance by email and approved by the NYPD License Division.

NYPD License Division
1 Police Plaza Path
(Between Madison Street and Park Row)
Email: DG_LIC‐HandgunIntake@NYPD.org

NYC Police Department
Rifle / Shotgun Section
120-55 Queens Boulevard
(Between 80th Road and 82nd Avenue)
Email: DG_LIC‐RS‐Intake@NYPD.ORG

By Phone

Call 311 for assistance.

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