You can get information about Fire Department exams for a certificate of fitness. A certificate is issued to show your understanding of fire safety areas.

Some occupations and professions that require certificates of fitness are:

  • Acetylene Burning
  • Air Compressor Operator
  • Boatyards and Marinas Supervisor
  • Compressed/Liquified Natural Gas Use, Storage, and Handling
  • Explosives Handler
  • Explosives Magazine Keeper
  • Explosive Powder Wagon Operator
  • Fire Drill Conductor
  • Fire Guard
  • Fire Safety Director
  • Heliport Foam System Operator
  • Motor Fuel Storage and Dispensing Systems
  • Oil Burner Operators and Selling Stations
  • Oxygen Certificate of Fitness and Permit
  • Pyrotechnics Operator
  • Refrigerating Machines and Systems Maintainer
  • Servicing Portable Fire Extinguishers
  • Smoke Detectors Maintainer
  • Spray Booths Operator
  • Sprinkler Systems Maintainer

The Fire Department provides notice of exams, study materials, renewals, and other information online.


Learn more about Certificates of Fitness.

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