You can get information about Fire Department exams for a certificate of fitness. A certificate is issued to show your understanding of fire safety areas. The Fire Department provides notice of exams, study materials and other information online.

Some occupations and professions that require certificates of fitness are:

  • Acetylene Burning
  • Air Compressor Operator
  • Boatyards and Marinas Supervisor
  • Compressed/Liquified Natural Gas Use, Storage, and Handling
  • Explosives Handler
  • Explosives Magazine Keeper
  • Explosive Powder Wagon Operator
  • Fire Drill Conductor
  • Fire Guard
  • Fire Safety Director
  • Heliport Foam System Operator
  • Motor Fuel Storage and Dispensing Systems
  • Oil Burner Operators and Selling Stations
  • Oxygen Certificate of Fitness and Permit
  • Pyrotechnics Operator
  • Refrigerating Machines and Systems Maintainer
  • Servicing Portable Fire Extinguishers
  • Smoke Detectors Maintainer
  • Spray Booths Operator
  • Sprinkler Systems Maintainer


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