Building owners are responsible for inspection, testing, and maintenance of the fire alarm system. You are also responsible for any alterations or additions the system needs to comply with the Fire Code.

At the inspection and test, you must have:

  • Your representative, the electrical contractor, the fire alarm system vendor, and all other needed trades
  • Sufficient manpower and material to conduct the test
  • The Original Construction Documentation

The Original Construction Documentation includes:

  • A set of approved 24"X 36" plans
  • The Department of Buildings Plan/Work Application (Form PW-1)
  • Plan Examination (Form TM-1)
  • The "As-Built" riser diagram
  • The electrician's sign-off (Form A-433)
  • Data sheets

If needed, you can schedule an overtime inspection through the Overtime Inspection Program (OTI).

  • After-Hours Inspection: Monday to Friday, after 4:30 PM
  • Early-Morning Inspection: Monday to Friday, 5 AM to 9 AM
  • Weekend Inspection: Saturday or Sunday, after 8 AM
  • Overnight Inspection: Monday to Sunday, after 9 PM

Request a fire alarm inspection.

Request an overtime fire alarm inspection.

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