Monies  paid to the courts for legal matters, are held in an interest bearing Finance Department Common Trust Account. Deposits and withdrawals of court funds are made through court orders. Funds are subject to half percent investment fee at time of deposit and a two percent administrative fee at time of withdrawal as per state law. If funds are not claimed after three (3) years, they are sent to the NYS Comptroller's Office as abandoned property.

If you are going to withdraw money from this account, you must get a Certified Court Order. Before you can get the court order, you must submit an Application for Certificate of Deposit to DOF.

Apply for a Certificate of Deposit.

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Court & Trust services available by appointment:

  • Form/document drop-off
  • Withdrawal check pickup

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You must call (212) 908-7619 prior to or immediately after making an appointment, in order to discuss your case details before your appointment.

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