Curbs are considered a part of the roadway and are owned by the City.

Well-maintained curbs facilitate the life of the sidewalk, protect sidewalks from vehicle traffic, channel water properly to catch basins, and prevent erosion and ponding.

Permits are required to construct or alter a curb or driveway.

You can report damaged curbs:

  • In front of residential property
  • In front of commercial property
  • In front of City-owned property
  • Under an overpass or traffic median

To report a problem with curbs in front of property, you must provide the exact street address.

Metal Support Bar Sticking Out

To report a problem with a metal curb piece next to a catch basin, go to the Catch Basin Complaint page.

What Happens Next

The Department of Transportation (DOT) will inspect the condition of the curb and sidewalk at the location. If a sidewalk is found to be defective, the property owner will be notified. If a curb is missing or damaged, the City may repair or replace it at no cost to the property owner.

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While the City maintains curbs, residential and commercial property owners are responsible for the maintenance and repair of their sidewalk. The City encourages property owners to repair or replace missing or damaged curbs at the same time as a sidewalk repair or installation.

Learn more about sidewalks and curbs.

It is a violation to paint curbs or sidewalks. Property owners who have received notices of violation for painted curbs must remove the paint or cover it. Paint may be removed by power washing it off or it may be covered with a “battleship grey” shade of paint.

You can report a curb that is defaced or painted:

  • Usually yellow, to discourage parking in front of a driveway
  • With a promotional advertisement
  • With graffiti

To report a curb painted to discourage parking in front of a driveway, an exact address is required.

You can report an illegal driveway or curb cut that allows vehicles to drive up over sidewalks and onto properties.

You also can report work being done on a driveway without a permit.

If you need to report several locations, you must file separate complaints for each address.

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