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You can report a problem with a street sign, including parking, traffic, street name, bus stop, and construction signs.

Blocked by Tree

You can request pruning for overgrown branches or leaning City trees that are blocking street signs or line of sight for drivers or pedestrians.

You can make a complaint about a metal City street sign that is:

  • Damaged
  • Twisted
  • Faded
  • Defaced

You can report a metal City street sign that fell down, is dangling, or is leaning more than 30 degrees.

Signs Over Intersection

Street signs over intersections are green, rectangular, and placed under the traffic signal arm. You can report a sign over an intersection that isn't securely attached or is leaning more than 30 degrees.

You can report a sign with wrong information.

You can report a street sign that's completely missing and needs to be replaced.

To request the installation of street sign at a new location, visit the Street Sign Request page.

Street Construction Signs

Street construction projects lasting longer than 3 months must post signs at the site so the public can learn about the ongoing construction.

You can make a complaint about a missing construction information sign if the construction has been taking place for at least 3 months.

You can post a sign in any location on your private property, such as a garage door, as long as it is behind the property line and the sign wasn’t issued by the Department of Transportation.

You can’t post "No Parking" or any other parking regulation signs at the curb, on the sidewalk, or on public property.

You can report a metal sign stump, post, or metal bar that is sticking out of the sidewalk.

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