Call 911
Call 911 if a homeless person is in one of the following situations:
  • Creating a hazard, such as blocking a sidewalk or ATM
  • Outstretched or sleeping in a subway, on the tracks, or in another Transit District area
  • Creating a danger to themselves or others

The Department of Homeless Services (DHS) does street outreach to offer services to homeless people who need help.

Learn more about street outreach.

Call 311 to request assistance for someone living on the streets or in another public place.

You can also use the NYC311 Mobile App to make this request.

What Happens Next

DHS will send a mobile outreach response team within 1 hour to encourage the person to accept services.

If you provide your contact information, DHS may contact you for more information.

During Code Blue or Code Red, outreach teams check on people who live on the streets more frequently. Homeless people may also stay at any Department of Homeless Services shelter or drop-in center without going through the normal intake process.

Code Blue

When the temperature is 32 degrees or lower, including wind chill values, the City follows Code Blue procedures from 4 PM to 8 AM.

Code Red

When the temperature reaches a heat index of 90 degrees, or when an excessive heat warning is issued, the City follows Code Red procedures.

HOME-STAT aims to improve the City's response to street homelessness. The Homeless Outreach and Mobile Engagement Street Action Teams work with existing homeless outreach and prevention programs to identify, engage, and transition homeless New Yorker's to services and, ultimately, permanent housing.

HOME-STAT added three new elements to the City's homeless prevention and response policy:

  • Proactive Canvassing: Conducting daily canvassing of City streets
  • Immediate Response: Responding rapidly to requests for homeless outreach made to NYC311
  • Citywide Case-by-Case Integration and Management: Providing a case management system to monitor those who are mentally ill with a history of violent behaviors

Learn more about HOME-STAT.