Need something else?

You can request a fire hydrant:

  • Spray cap for recreational use
  • Installation
  • Fender protection post installation
  • Removal
  • Relocation

You can ask at your local firehouse to have a hydrant fitted with a spray cap and opened for recreational use.

What You Need

You must be over 18, show ID, and fill out a form.

Firehouse Locations

To find a firehouse location, go to the Firehouses page.

What Happens Next

The firehouse will schedule a time to turn the hydrant on and off.

DEP paints fire hydrants on a regular maintenance schedule, but does not accept painting requests.

You can submit a hydrant modification request online using DEP's Hydrant Installation/Relocation/Removal/Alteration form.

Your request must include:

  • A letter explaining your request (can be attached in online form)
  • Photographs
  • Builder's pavement plan or sketch
  • Your contact information

The request will be reviewed, and you will be contacted by email with any decisions.

If the application is approved, you will receive and email response with the required fee and a Private Construction Work Application (also known as the Property Owner's package).

Submit a Hydrant Installation/Relocation/Removal/Alteration form.

You can request the installation of fire hydrant fender protection posts.

A fire hydrant with two metal protection posts in front of the the hydrant.

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) will evaluate the need for these posts based on the type of hydrant and its location.

What You Need

You must provide your contact information so the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) can contact you, if necessary. DEP must have this information to take action on the Service Request.

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